2022 Year in Review

The depth of support for DMTC and the work of our partner group across national and state jurisdictions, across government stovepipes and across sectors has been reaffirmed this year and is a source of professional pride for our team.

Our challenge in the immediate and longer term is to retain and build on that trust and support, and never to be complacent about it.

Many commentators in defence and related sectors have remarked in general terms on the enormous defence-related research capacity in our universities, and to the capabilities of our domestic industry, but move on too quickly to either lament shortfalls in funding or shortcomings in outcomes achieved.

Rather than proposing pragmatic course adjustments or improvements, these laments are too often used as a platform for new ‘white elephant’ structures that would conservatively take years to mature, and are not necessarily guaranteed to deliver better outcomes.

At DMTC we know that ‘overnight successes’ take years to achieve, and that careful, deliberate action to build robust, scalable innovation management capabilities for the defence and national security sector involves stitching together myriad specialist skills and is a unique capability in and of itself.

My strong belief is that DMTC can make a significant difference through its proven and established operating model and its deep networks. Incumbency aside, the company has a great deal to offer in achieving capability through collaboration, for the benefit of our frontline operators across Australia’s defence and national security agencies, and for the benefit of the nation.

It’s encouraging to reflect on the way that DMTC’s appetite for industrial innovation, and our determination to deliver tangible outcomes for our customers, has stood the test of time. The information assembled in this Report is only illustrative of many, many successes achieved across the reporting period, and I wholeheartedly commend it to you.

Mark Hodge – CEO, DMTC

Other Publications

In addition to our Annual Report, DMTC periodically releases factsheets and other publications to keep our partners and community informed about our activities.