The 2020 Defence Strategic Update released by Government in July 2020 signalled the Government’s
intentions to build Defence’s air and space capabilities.

Defence needs a technologically-advanced air combat capability that is fully integrated with supporting
intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance (ISR) and supporting systems. The updates also included
funding provisions to boost satellite communications and networking, develop an enhanced space control program and continue investment in space situational awareness, including sensors and tracking systems.

DMTC and its partners are working to build Australian industry capability to capitalise on new technology horizons across the air and space domains. The span of this effort covers new technology developments as well as advances in the use of existing additive manufacturing technologies and techniques.

DMTC’s work is focused on building the underlying capacity and competitiveness of Australia’s national
industrial base. Working with new manufacturing techniques and new materials involves a progression through identifying, understanding, enhancing and then certifying them to meet the demand of our Defence customer for high integrity, high value and high performing components.