Guided by Plan Jericho and the elements of the 2016 Defence White Paper suite focused on the Air domain, the Royal Australian Air Force is undertaking the largest technological upgrade in its history. To match the upgrades to the capacity of its major aircraft platforms, Air Force recognises the need to transform its people, operating concepts, training, support systems, maintenance and sustainment approaches.

Research in DMTC’s Air Program is currently focused on increasing the competitiveness of the manufacturing, repair and sustainment capabilities of Australia’s defence industry.

The DMTC Air Program team is working with industry and research partners to enhance manufacturing and sustainment performance by developing new processing technologies and introducing world best practices. These include improving and enhancing existing additive manufacturing technologies in order to make them suitable for the production of high integrity, high value components.

This program’s research activity focuses on technologies to:

  • provide cost effective opportunities for aircraft component supply chains including the exploration of additive manufacturing technologies for the production of components
  • improve maintenance operations such as corrosion, fatigue and structural health monitoring.