Through its Air Program, DMTC is delivering advancements in technology to support manufacturing (production) and sustainment of high-end military aircraft.

Guided by Air Force priorities and plans, including Plan Jericho, DMTC teams are working with industry and research partners on a range of capabilities and platforms. Ultimately, DMTC’s projects will equip Australian industry with the expertise and capacity to support the RAAF and capitalise on regional and global supply chain opportunities as the future force comes to fruition.

Research in this program is exploring the use of additive manufacturing for:

  • the direct production of components
  • achieving significant reductions in wastage as well as weight savings and process optimisation
  • developing a range of cutting tools used in the production of complex, difficult-to-machine components for defence applications
  • customising tools for specific applications, delivering improved manufacturing efficiency.

In addition, laser cladding technology (LCT) for the repair of aircraft components is being investigated as an opportunity to reduce the need to remove components for repair or replacement. This will increase aircraft availability and reduce the cost of ownership of the fleets.