Geospatial & ISR

DMTC and its partners has worked to build Australian industry capability to capitalise on new technology horizons across air and space domains. The span of this effort covers new technology developments as well as advances in the use of existing additive manufacturing technologies and techniques.

DMTC is engaging with a broader ISR and geospatial community of practitioners that exists in Defence and across the national security and intelligence community. This broadening of the program to extend into land-based sensors and related geospatial technology is not directly linked to high altitude sensor systems but is an overlapping area of technology application.

For Australia’s sovereign aspirations to be realised in these areas, a greater industrial footprint – with a particular focus on Australian small businesses and start-ups that dominate this sector – needs to be developed to build supply chain depth and give industrial effect to the world-leading scientific and research expertise that exists in Australia.

DMTC is also supporting the Smart Satellite CRC launched in May 2019.