As a major component of an integrated ADF fighting force, the Army relies heavily on the capability edge provided by a sovereign and innovative defence industry. Army is seeking partnerships with industry suppliers that are at the leading edge of technology and meeting global performance benchmarks.

DMTC’s Land Program focuses on improving materials used in land-based military systems by reducing weight to increase payload and mobility of soldiers and vehicles. Researchers are also investigating technologies that would increase the electricity available to soldiers to power the ever-growing array of electronics used.

The Land Mounted Program encompasses five projects focused on vehicle research: land vehicle alternative materials characterisation; alternative power packages for land vehicles; advanced vehicle modelling; automated manufacturing; and robotic squad support platform.

The scope of the Land Mounted Program has expanded over time to include optimisation of particular features of platform operation. Researchers are developing power technologies and benchmarking against existing vehicle systems to prove performance advantages.

The program is investigating the operation of small autonomous platforms (sub vehicle size) in concert with dismounted combatants – increasing their load carrying, mission configuration and lethality options.

Research in the Land Dismounted Program spans body armour, protective fabrics and power technology. Many of these projects are at a mature stage and the program has expanded its mandate to include fabrics that protect against chemical, biological or radiological (CBR) threats.

Under this program, several technologies have progressed to prototype stage, including a combat helmet shell, ceramic applique for helmets, portable fuel cells, lighter weight soft armour, lighter weight stab and spike armour, fragmentation resistant combat uniform fabric and quick-drying combat uniform fabric. The prototypes illustrate potential capability improvements in the areas of soldier protection and/or reduced weight.