Industry unites through COVID-19

Australian industry has a vital role to play in the COVID-19 response, with regard to both developing novel solutions and consolidating supply chain strength in the face of this and potential future pandemic threats. Australian industry has a critical role in ensuring supply of essential therapeutics and active pharmaceutical ingredients for vaccine and drug development. (more…)

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Development of graphene-based materials holds promise for smart applications

A team of researchers from Swinburne are making a vital contribution to a DMTC-managed collaboration involving a national network of research and industry partners.

The DMTC project is focused on developing a detailed understanding of the functional performance of composite materials. The specific theme of work for the Swinburne researchers, led by Dr Nishar Hameed, is novel, hybrid graphene-based multi-scale composites that can deliver advances in sensing, electromagnetic and thermal signature control for applications in the defence domain. (more…)

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