Pursuing technological advances in naval shipbuilding and supply chains

DMTC’s Maritime Program has seen expanded activities across a number of new themes. DMTC’s National Naval Shipbuilding and Sustainment (NNSS) Program, with support and funding through a long standing relationship formerly with CASG and now engaging with the Naval Shipbuilding and Sustainment Group, continues to make important strides in developing industrial capability across additive manufacturing, improved maritime steel production techniques and a new project focused on shipyard welding productivity improvements for the Hunter Class Frigate Program.

Pursuing piezoelectric technology gains

In December 2020, DMTC and DSTG established the Advanced Piezoelectric Materials and Application (APMA) Program with support and funding from DSTG’s Next Generation Technologies Fund (NGTF) Program. Now funded through ASCA, the program continues to make important gains in the development and manufacture of piezoelectric materials applicable to maritime applications, through strategic investments in industrial and research infrastructure and know-how.

Exploiting superconducting materials

DMTC and DSTG have also recently established the Australian Maritime Superconducting Technologies (AMSTECH) Program with support and funding from DSTG’s NGTF Program. The AMSTECH Program will bring together a number of existing disparate programs of work to establish a strategic national capability in the application of superconducting materials. Use of these materials in high current maritime applications will aid in fostering and promoting collaboration across Defence stakeholders and industrial partners, with expertise from the research sector.