How DMTC Works

Working closely with Defence agencies (including Force Design Division, capability programs and the Defence Science and Technology Group) to identify defence capability challenges and needs, DMTC engages industry and research partners to collaborate on solutions and advancing key technologies. Our co-investment model applies the funding from Defence or other Commonwealth agencies and leverages additional contributions from industry and research partners.

DMTC’s best practice engagement model is founded on a detailed understanding of Defence needs, industry capabilities and research expertise. DMTC regularly monitors programs to ensure they are progressing to plan, and in line with the expectations of our Defence customer.

In addition to these programs, DMTC leads supporting activities that complement core research and ensure maximum use and distribution of the outcomes. These include technology transfer, supply chain best practice and capability benchmarking programs, professional development workshops and PhD scholarship support.

DMTC has a proven track record of leadership in Defence innovation with awards won in a range of areas including research excellence, commercialisation of technology and continuous improvement of business processes.

DMTC’s capabilities include –

  • new manufacturing technologies;
  • performance modelling, simulation and validation;
  • design, production and joining of new materials;
  • component repair and fabrication technologies;
  • robotics and automation technologies;
  • repair and life extension technologies;
  • prognostics and defect detection capabilities;
  • weight reduction, design integration and lightweighting materials;
  • advanced ceramics and coatings; and
  • smart textiles and fabric technologies.