Health Security Systems

The Health Security Systems Australia team is building sovereign industrial and research capabilities for Australia, aligned to national health security priorities.

This is achieved by

  • Leading collaborative teams to harness expertise from diverse research and industry partner groups to steward applied research and technology development from promising concepts to maturity; and
  • Monitoring – and providing expert advice and support to Governments and partners on -Australia’s national health security capacity and capability, and enhancing Australia’s contributions to global partnerships combating AMR and other priority infectious diseases.

As a division of DMTC, these key elements of the division’s mission and approach are underpinned by DMTC’s credibility in the defence and national security sectors, and its internationally-accredited systems for quality management, program management and collaboration.

Latest HSSA News – 7 October 2021

We discussed the National Health Security Resilience Assessment (NHSRA) with key sector leaders and technical experts. Panellists included Anne Harris (Pfizer Australia New Zealand), Elizabeth de Somer (Medicines Australia) and HSSA head, Dr Leigh Farrell.