Supporting interns to build Australia’s sovereign capability

Through our Education portfolio, DMTC is committed to boosting the pipeline of young, innovative Australians progressing from academic study to employment in defence industry and related fields – investing in the future workforce necessary to develop Australia’s defence industrial base. DMTC’s Industry Capability Development program proudly supports internship opportunities for undergraduate students across engineering, computer science and software development disciplines. These internships provide mutual benefits to both the student and to industry partners as they progress along their digital transformation journey. One of our interns, Thomas Hughes (an undergraduate student at Deakin University), kindly sat down with DMTC to talk about his internship experience and how DMTC’s support has shaped his future career path.


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Digital Uplift for NSW Business

Recently, DMTC Limited completed an innovative six-month pilot project supported by the NSW Government to improve business’ technology uptake and digital literacy for companies across the Illawarra and Shoalhaven regions.

The NSW Government provided financial sponsorship to support local companies to participate in the Smart Enough Factory pilot project delivered by DMTC Limited.


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Meaningful internships boost Australia’s defence industry and digital future

Through our Industry Capability Development platform, DMTC proudly facilitates a number of meaningful internship opportunities. Recently, DMTC’s Smart Enough™ Factory (SEF) program has hosted several undergraduate interns, with a view to expanding this number to approximately 34 interns in Victoria alone by 2026. Even more interns are set to join the program as SEF expands from Victoria to New South Wales and other jurisdictions. One recent intern, Dylan Jarvis (an undergraduate student at Swinburne University of Technology), was kind enough to speak to DMTC about his internship experience and how DMTC’s support has impacted his career trajectory. (more…)

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