Real work, shared purpose: DMTC stands with Indigenous businesses

A cyber security contract with Willyama Services is the first major DMTC undertaking with the Indigenous sector since a Memorandum of Understanding between DMTC and the Indigenous Defence & Infrastructure Consortium (IDIC) was signed at DMTC’s Annual Conference in March.

“At our Conference, I made the point that collaboration isn’t just about signing MoUs or keeping lists of organisations you’ve spoken to,” DMTC Chief Executive Mark Hodge said. (more…)

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Media Release: DCNS signs on with DMTC

DCNS has formally signed on as a supporting industry participant with Australia’s Defence Materials Technology Centre (DMTC).

The agreement will see DMTC and DCNS collaborate on developing technical expertise and building industrial capacity within Australian maritime sector supply chains, with a focus in the first instance on naval shipbuilding and repair.

Read more: DMTC – DCNS media release

Note: In June 2017 DCNS changed its name to Naval Group.

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