New Armour Materials text released

DMTC is proud of its association with a newly published book, edited by DMTC researcher Dr Ian Crouch.

The Science of Armour Materials comprehensively covers a range of armour materials from steels and light alloys, through glasses and ceramics, to fibres, textiles, and protective apparel. The book also discusses aspects of analytical and numerical modelling, as well as laboratory-based, high-strain rate testing and ballistic testing methodologies.

Each chapter is written from an international perspective, including reviews of the current global literature, and incorporates case studies that focus on real-life applications, research outcomes, and lessons learned.

The book is published by Woodhead Publishing and is expected to be a valuable resource for under- and post-graduate students, post-doctorates, research scientists, defence engineers, R&D managers and senior defence personnel alike.

Posted by DMTC on December 6th, 2016