Minister Clare: Submarine project is Nation Building

The Minister for Defence Materiel, The Hon. Jason Clare MP this morning presented a vision for submarine design and construction to delegates of the Submarine Institute of Australia’s 6th biennial conference, in which he likened the project to the Snowy Mountains Scheme project of the mid-20th century, and called for Australian capability to get behind the project and work together to achieve this challenging goal.

The text of Minister Clare’s speech can be found here

DMTC welcomes Minister Clare’s views as outlined in his speech, and notes that success in this activity will of course require significant cooperation, collaboration and innovation from across the relevant Australian industry and technology sectors. DMTC is actively pursuing opportunities to take a key role in this important project via the range of materials and manufacturing technologies which have demonstrated impact on industry capability. We welcome any interested parties enquiries and views in this regard.

Posted by DMTC on November 14th, 2012