Department of Education Highlights DMTC’s Education Program

The DMTC Education Program has been highlighted as the focus of a case study in the Department of Education’s report into “Initiatives to enhance the professional development of research students”. The report reviewed innovative training and development practices for PhD candidates by detailing different approaches that have been implemented across publicly funded research agencies, CRCs, medical research institutes, business and universities. The Department also surveyed 249 Higher Degree Research candidates who have participated in these initiatives to gain feedback on their experiences.

The report looked at education programs for PhD candidates that aim to develop capabilities and experience beyond that of advanced disciplinary knowledge, research skills and academic experience. This included the development of various candidate skills and capabilities to prepare them for a range of careers including engaging with industry, internships, exposure to interdisciplinary research environments, training courses and other professional development activities.

In what is a great endorsement of the DMTC Education Program, the report included a full page case study of DMTC’s approach to providing sponsored DMTC PhD candidates with a well-rounded postgraduate experience by involving students in the Centre’s project management activities. This can include participating in project monitoring and reviews, financial reporting and stakeholder management, participating in the DMTC Annual Student Conference and attending professional development workshops. The report also highlighted the experiences of two DMTC PhD candidates, Michael Wang and Cameron Barr, and their experiences in the DMTC Education Program.

The Department of Education’s report can by clicking here.

Posted by DMTC on August 25th, 2014