Celebrating high achievers: Michael Candon & Harry Veivers

Industry Partnership Award – Winners: Harry Veivers and Dr Michael Candon

Dr Michael Candon from RMIT and Harry Veivers from the University of Queensland were announced as joint winners of the Industry Partnership award at the 2020 DMTC Annual Conference.

Dr Michael Candon from RMIT (left) and Mr Harry Veivers from UQ (right) with Thales Australia Chief Technology Officer Dr John Best

The honour was shared in recognition of the pair’s efforts on two different elements of a DMTC project with Thales Australia to design and produce next-generation soldier systems for Australian defence personnel.

Both Dr Candon and Mr Veivers would have met the age qualifier for the Early Career Research Award but the judges decided to consider them in this category as an acknowledgement of the significance of their contribution to Australian industrial capability.

The project consists of a series of parallel technical investigations to take advantage of breakthroughs in lightweighting, digitisation and advanced manufacturing.

Dr Candon’s work has achieved exceptional results, using complex modelling and machine-learning techniques to generate high-fidelity modelling and improve the speed and accuracy of simulated testing procedures.

PhD candidate Harry Veivers’ work is investigating new material for lightweighting and improved thermal management of small arms systems. This work has paved the way for the production of prototypes that are significantly lighter than existing fielded equipment.

Candidate materials and modified manufacturing processes must pass rigorous testing to demonstrate that weight reductions can be achieved without compromising performance, reliability and safety.

Posted by Harry Baxter on March 23rd, 2020