Awards for Excellence presented at DMTC Annual Technical Conference

The DMTC Annual Technical Conference held on the 11th of February 2011 concluded with the recognition of outstanding contributions to DMTC and its objectives through the presentation of six awards.  These awards recognise significant contributions made by individuals and teams that have resulted in successful outcomes for DMTC and its partners.

DMTC would like to congratulate the following people for their outstanding contributions this year:

Industry Partnership Award

This award recognises researchers whose efforts have significantly contributed to the capability of a DMTC Industry Participant.

Awarded to:  Michael Saleh of ANSTO

Early Career Award

This award recognises the contribution of early career technical officers, engineers and scientists to DMTC projects, rewarding ‘above and beyond’ efforts.

Awarded to: Mark Callaghan of The University of Wollongong

and Tim Barry of Swinburne University of Technology

Research Collaboration Award

This award recognises the individual who embodies the spirit of collaboration that is integral to DMTC’s strategic intent.

Awarded to:  Ian Crouch of Australian Defence Apparel

Best Paper Award

This award is presented to the author of the best paper at the DMTC Technical Conference.

Awarded to: Neil Matthews of Rosebank Engineering for the paper titled:  “Repair Technologies for Current and Next Generation Aircraft Systems”

Capability Improvement Award

This award recognises the project team who achieves a significant improvement in technical capability in the area of materials and/or manufacturing technology.

Awarded to: Project 1.1.2 Manufacturing Benchmarking Team

Project Leader: Dr Suresh Palanisamy

Participants: BAE Systems, CAST CRC, SECO Tools, The University of Queensland, Millatec, Goodrich, Avoca Engineering, The University of Melbourne.

Posted by DMTC on March 24th, 2011