Winners of the 2014 Awards for Excellence

The 2014 DMTC Awards for Excellence were presented at this years’ Annual Conference Dinner at the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra. The DMTC Awards for Excellence recognise significant contributions made by individuals and teams that have resulted in successful outcomes for DMTC and its partners. DMTC would like to congratulate the following 2014 award recipients for their outstanding contributions this year:

Industry Partnership Award
This award recognises researchers whose efforts have significantly contributed to the capability of a DMTC Industry Participant.
Awarded to: Aaron Seeber of CSIRO and Theo Sinkovits, University of Wollongong

Research Collaboration Award
This award recognises the individual who embodies the spirit of collaboration that is integral to DMTC’s strategic intent.
Awarded to: James Waldie of BAE Systems

Early Career Award
This award recognises the contribution of early career technical officers, engineers and scientists to DMTC projects, rewarding ‘above and beyond’ efforts.
Awarded to: Cameron Barr of The University of Melbourne

Capability Improvement Award
This award recognises the project team who achieves a significant improvement in technical capability in the area of materials and/or manufacturing technology. This year, two teams were presented with the award:

Awarded to: Project 2.7 “New Steels for Submarine Application”
Project Leader: Nathan Lane – University of Wollongong. Team members: Huijun Li – University of Wollongong, John Norrish – University of Wollongong, Frank Barbaro – University of Wollongong, Druce Dunne – University of Wollongong, Chris Killmore – Bluescope, Dake Yu – Bisalloy, Kristin Carpenter – Bluescope, Chris Jones – Bluescope, Mark O’Dwyer – Bluescope, Stephen van Duin – University of Wollongong.

Awarded to: Armour Applications Program 3
Program Leader: James Sandlin, VCAMM
Project 3.1 “Design, development & manufacture of vehicle armour systems”
Project 3.2 “Next generation ferritic vehicle armour”
Project 3.4 “Comparison of joining systems in armoured vehicles”
Project 3.5 “Lean automation in armoured vehicle manufacture”
Project 3.8 “New materials and manufacturing for next generation armoured vehicles”

Awards were also presented at the conclusion of the conference for the best presentations and posters. Winners were as follows:

Best Poster: Project 1.3 – Dominic Cuiuri, University of Wollongong with Nicholas Hoye – University of Wollongong, Suresh Palanisamy – Swinburne University of Technology, David Morr – Seco Tools.
Supporting team members: John Norrish – University of Wollongong, Zengxi Pan – University of Wollongong, Nathan Larkin – University of Wollongong, Ajit Godbole – University of Wollongong, Matt Dargusch – University of Queensland, Brad Burns – Seco Tools.

Best Student Poster: Shi Da (Stephen) Sun, RMIT University

Best Conference Presentation: Nathan Larkin, University of Wollongong

Best Conference Student Presentation: Silvia Leo, The University of Melbourne

Congratulations on your excellent contributions to the conference.

Posted by DMTC on April 2nd, 2014