Well-deserved recognition for vaccine collaboration leader

The CEO of Australian biotech company Sementis Limited, Dr Anne Collins, has been honoured with the Collaboration Award at the DMTC Annual Conference for 2024.

Often described as the MVP Award, the Collaboration Award honours a leader who embodies the spirit of collaboration that is integral to DMTC’s strategic intent and outlook.

Dr Collins’ contribution has been pivotal to the outcomes achieved by a collaborative team of experts from Sementis, University of South Australia, Australian National University, Monash University and Health Security Systems Australia (a division of DMTC Ltd) to enhance the Sementis Copenhagen Vector (SCV) vaccine platform.

Progression of the manufacturability pathway for the technology is a key focus for the project team. The overarching goal is to deliver a platform for the production of safe and versatile vaccines, at speed and at scale.

In parallel, Dr Collins led a HSSA-facilitated work package with expert drug development advisers from Certara that mapped a pathway for Sementis to achieve critical milestones including submission of a data package to the FDA.

The award citation acknowledged Dr Collins’ ability to balance competing priorities, while maintaining cooperation and momentum between these multi-institutional teams.

“Dr Collins has repeatedly demonstrated her adaptable, dedicated, and inclusive brand of leadership,” the award citation read.

“Her passion for vaccine development has been an undeniable factor in the success of this project. Her leadership has resulted in impactful outcomes within the project but also for the broader industry base in Australia and has boosted Australia’s preparedness for future pandemic threats.”

Sementis CEO Dr Anne Collins with the Collaboration Award presented by Dr Mark Hodge, CEO of DMTC, and Mr Chris Deeble AO, CSC, the head of Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group in the Department of Defence.

Dr Collins was previously the Chief Operating Officer at Sementis and has 30 years of international leadership experience in the medical technology and pharmaceutical industries.

In accepting the award, Dr Collins praised her team at Sementis and the partners on the project for their commitment and endurance.

The Sementis collaboration with University partners and HSSA was also featured in the technical showcase segment of the Conference in a presentation from ANU researcher Dr Anjali Gowripalan.

The achievements of a number of individuals and teams across the DMTC community were also recognised at the award presentation, alongside the honour bestowed on Dr Collins.

Awards for Excellence were announced in seven categories. Award winners demonstrated commitment to excellence and collaboration in activities as diverse as digital transformation, textile technologies, new vaccine developments, advanced shipbuilding technologies and more.

Dr Collins’ award was a fitting encore to the message from the guest speaker at the dinner, Colonel Jennifer Harris CSC, who spoke of the highlights of her change leadership journey and implored attendees to “put people at the centre of change”.

“Don’t wait for change to be imposed or to happen to you,” COL Harris said. “Be part of it.”

Left to Right: Dr Anjali Gowripalan, Professor David Tscharke, Dr Anne Collins, Professor John Hayball, and Ms Toni Nesci.

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