SEMINAR: Nanostructures via Thermal Spray

A seminar on Nanostructures via Thermal Spray: Processing, Properties and Modelling will be held on 12 May at DSTO by the Defence Materials Technology Centre and AVD DSTO.

Professor Chris Berndt, Professor of Surface Science and Interface Engineering, will present the seminar from 11.00am to 12.00pm at David Warren Auditorium, Building 22, DSTO, Fishermans Bend.

Prof Berndt is an active DMTC contributor and an internationally recognised authority in his field.

“The concept of producing nanostructured materials via thermal spray processes, although intuitive, is neither routine nor reliable. There are many technical challenges necessary to transition the science to an engineering reality,” Prof Berndt said.

“Some strategies to overcome these barriers will be presented from the viewpoint of integrating more fully the materials science into the materials engineering so that manufacturing processes can be consistent and of statistical relevancy.”

Posted by DMTC on May 7th, 2010