SABRE Alliance launched to align and leverage Australia’s biotech strengths

Defence launched the ‘Safeguarding Australia through Biotechnology Response and Engagement’ (SABRE) Alliance in July 2022. SABRE seeks to bring together biotech capabilities from Australia’s universities, research institutes, SMEs and manufacturers to work together to meet the needs of the Defence and national security sectors.

DMTC is represented on the SABRE Steering Group by the head of Health Security Systems Australia, Dr Leigh Farrell.

The SABRE Alliance will help Defence and the national security sector to capitalise on new opportunities emerging from biotech development in Australia’s research and industry sectors to enhance Defence capabilities.

In April 2023, an ‘Advancing the SABRE Alliance’ workshop was held in Canberra to coincide with the Science Meets Parliament series of events. Leaders in biotechnology, human health, genomics, bioinformatics, synthetic biology, agriculture, advanced manufacturing and biosecurity participated in workshop and wargaming situations as part of efforts by the SABRE Alliance to proactively identify and build deep relationships of trust and collaboration with key stakeholders in Australia’s research and industry sectors with expertise to help Defence guard Australia against future threats and national security risks.

A podcast recorded at the event by MTPConnect is available here.

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