Research commences in Personnel Survivability

DMTC is pleased to announce that research activities in our newest Program – Personnel Survivability, have officially commenced. Program 7 was announced in June last year, and since then significant effort has been made towards the establishment of the individual projects and project teams. Research is now underway and quickly gaining momentum as more projects come online.

DMTC is continuing to work closely with Diggerworks to ensure the project outputs will align with the priorities and needs of the Australian Defence Force.

Research within the Personnel Survivability program is grouped into four technology themes:

  • Hard Armour
  • Soft Armour
  • Advanced Fabric Technologies
  • Power Generation and Management

Within these technology areas, research is examining: ceramic armour technology, high curvature body armour, improved anti-ballistic soft armour, high strength fabrics for combat clothing, materials engineering for improved habitability, and portable power generation and storage.

For further information about the Personnel Survivability program, please email us.

Posted by DMTC on April 13th, 2012