Maritime Australia Innovation Award – DMTC PhD Candidate Wins

DMTC sponsored PhD Candidate, Cameron Barr of the University of Melbourne, has won the Maritime Australia – Innovation Award 2013 “Young Innovator Scholarship for Defence Industry Innovation”. This award was presented at the Pacific 2013 International Maritime Exposition in Sydney and recognises individuals who are leaders in naval technologies and innovation.

Cameron was presented the award as a result of his outstanding research that forms part of DMTC’s project in extending the service life of nickel aluminium bronze components. These components form an integral part of naval systems owing to their high strength, high corrosion resistance and resistance to bio-fouling. This project focuses on: developing a new weld repair technique to return damaged NAB components back to service, eliminating the costly regime of replacing corroded components; developing a new surfacing regime to eliminate the selectively corroding lamellar phase, thereby enhancing corrosion resistance and maximising intervals between servicing, and; investigating new processing methods to capitalise on recent developments in ultra-fine grained materials which have been shown to enhance both strength and corrosion resistance.

Cameron’s work has also saw him receive the “Borland Forum Award’ as part of the Borland Forum run by Materials Australia. Cameron’s presentation was on ultra-fine grain aluminium bronze alloys.

Posted by DMTC on October 8th, 2013