Fawcett praises DMTC as an exemplar of success in collaboration

The Assistant Minister for Defence, Senator the Hon David Fawcett, has praised DMTC for its role and the successes it has achieved in bringing industry and research together to enhance defence capabilities.

Speaking at the official launch of the NSW Defence Innovation Network in Sydney, Senator Fawcett emphasised the Government’s commitment to the ADF and the Australian research and industry base supporting Defence.

“We can’t do that just by ourselves, which is why we’ve seen that capability comes through collaboration. And the sort of network that we’re launching today that fits in with the broader collaboration with industry … we’re seeking to facilitate and grow into the future the kind of collaborations that we’ve seen work really well in the past. An exemplar to my mind – who I note is already involved with the Defence Industry Network here – is the DMTC, the Defence Materials Technology Centre, where we’ve provided that framework so that universities, governments, large primes [sic] as well as SMEs can come together and share ideas and Intellectual Property within a framework that we then facilitate somebody taking that to market, developing it to maturity, but each of the people who’ve contributed get something from that.”

The Defence Innovation Network (DIN) is a new initiative funded by the NSW Department of Industry, with Defence NSW and the Office of the NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer as sponsors.

The full text of Senator Fawcett’s speech at the launch event is available here.

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