DMTC Student Conference supports the next generation of defence researchers

DMTC’s inaugural Students Conference, held on the 22nd and 23rd of August, has been a huge success, with students already calling for another event to be held next year. The conference provided the opportunity for DMTC supported PhD students to present their research to industry and research organisation peers and to share their ideas and experiences with fellow students. In all, 22 students presented their research, covering the full breadth of research areas currently being undertaken by DMTC. Over 40 supervisors, peers and delegates from industry attended.

Attendees at the DMTC Students Conference

DMTC’s recently retired founding Chairman, Dr Peter Preston, gave an inspirational presentation to the students, with a message to not limit their field of expertise in the rapidly changing environment, and to aim high in their research goals.

The Best Presentation Award was given to Cameron Barr from the University of Melbourne for his presentation on ‘Severe Plastic Deformation of Aluminium Bronzes for Marine Applications’. Cameron has been involved with DMTC’s Education Program since inception, and continues to contribute to the pool of knowledge being generated through the program. Cameron started his involvement in DMTC projects when he was an undergraduate student, and with the support of DMTC, has continued through to undertake a PhD. He is an outstanding example of how ongoing support can lead to the development of indigenous expertise.

Posted by DMTC on August 25th, 2011