DMTC launches Queensland and NSW nodes

The Defence Materials Technology Centre (DMTC) will celebrate two official launch events in March.

DMTC’s Queensland partners will host a launch of the DMTC’s Queensland node and Millatec Engineering’s new Brisbane facilities, while NSW partners will host a launch of the DMTC’s NSW node and the Lean Automation Technology Demonstrator.

The Queensland event will be held on 9 March at Millatec’s Sherwood premises.

DMTC’s Queensland node hosts research programs in Air Platforms and Propulsion Systems.  In addition to these major research programs, the node also conducts research into enabling technologies (e.g. for machining, joining coatings, robotics and lean automation) that will be required for economical fabrication and maintenance of components based on new materials. 

The work on machining is of particular interest to local machining specialist and DMTC participant, Millatec Engineering.  The launch of the Queensland node coincided with Millatec moving into new premises so there will be two reasons to celebrate at the Queensland event.

 The NSW node of the Defence Materials Technology Centre and the Lean Automation Technology Demonstrator will be launched at the University of Wollongong on 24 March.

The NSW Technology Demonstrator includes several state-of-the-art robotic and welding facilities in an integrated cell which allows the latest manufacturing technology to be explored by industry partners. Many of the systems involved are unique within Australia.

The technology demonstrator was funded through the NSW Science Leverage Fund in support of DMTC. The University of Wollongong, ANSTO and Bluescope Steel are Core Participants of DMTC centre and Supporting Participants include a range of NSW SMEs. The research being carried out by UOW and ANSTO is mainly directed at improvements in Armour protection for land platforms and new materials and production technology for maritime platforms.

Posted by DMTC on March 5th, 2010