DMTC introduces Associate Membership Program

SMEs can now join the Defence Materials Technology Centre (DMTC) as Associate Members, with the introduction of a new program.

The Associate Membership Program provides a new level of involvement for companies interested in DMTC’s development of new materials and manufacturing technologies for use in Defence industries.

DMTC’s Associate Program Membership will be given for one year (renewable) upon signing of the Associate Membership Agreement, which includes non-disclosure clauses, and payment of the annual membership fee of $5,000.

Joining DMTC as an Associate Member unlocks the following benefits:  

  • Associate Members will receive a regular review of the DMTC technical program and activities (subject to certain conditions) and will be given the opportunity to offer comments and suggestions on research and development work.
  • Associate Members will be invited to the annual DMTC member’s conference and workshop, which includes a special session for SMEs as well as a speed networking session and conference dinner.
  • Associate Members will be offered first right of refusal in developing special projects which could fall into the Best Practice category of the DMTC SME Development Program and which could receive additional support and funding from DMTC.
  • Associate Members will be offered first right of refusal for commercialising developed IP subject to certain conditions.
  • Associate Members will be invited to all DMTC Research Seminars and will be allowed to participate and benefit from the DMTC Education Program.
  • Associate Members will receive DMTC newsletters and any other official DMTC communications, and Associate Member companies will be listed in official DMTC publications.
  • DMTC senior personnel will visit Associate Members at mutually convenient times in order to discuss future programs, business opportunities and/or give technical presentations.
  • The Centre will offer assistance in developing partnerships to enable small companies to work together on larger tasks. Where sufficient interest exists, DMTC will establish Special Interest Groups to enable Associate Members to share experience and interests with Core and Supporting Participants.
  • Special rates will be offered for attendance at DMTC organised and/or sponsored workshops and training programs.

Companies wishing to have greater involvement in DMTC may upgrade their membership with approval from the DMTC Board.

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Posted by DMTC on December 2nd, 2009