Call for information on Australian capabilities

DMTC is seeking information on Australian industrial and research capabilities in sensing systems, advanced biotechnology and data analytics.

The capabilities sought include wearable sensors and/or integrated solutions utilising in-human and on-human sensor technology to alert warfighters of situations in which chemical, biological or radiological (CBR) threats are present.

The Human Integrated Sensor Systems (HISS) initiative is a collaboration between the Department of Defence’s Operating in CBRN Environments STaR Shot and DMTC. It is one of the core future focused problems Defence and DSTG are prioritising as part of the More, Together Defence science and technology strategy.

The deadline for submissions is 25 August.

Respondents will be invited to attend a Human Integrated Sensor System (HISS) collaborative workshop to help toshape a formal call for funded proposal/s against key elements of the HISS capability, and to facilitate the formation of multi-disciplinary consortia.

Click here for more information and to access the response template.

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