Enhancing technological maturity in maritime supply chains

The Australian Government’s commitment to a Naval Continuous Shipbuilding program and the unprecedented level of investment in the next generation of ships, submarines and support vessels is a huge opportunity for industry and also a significant challenge.

DMTC is working with Defence, industry and research institutions to deliver breakthroughs in manufacturing, to integrate new technology and to enhance skills across supply chains in support of the current and future fleets.

DMTC’s Sea Program, funded by the SEA 5000 Program, is developing technologies with wide application to Defence’s maritime assets. With construction of the first ship due to commence in 2020, DMTC researchers are providing advanced material options to Defence that will contribute to meeting Australia’s operational and sustainment requirements.

While some technologies in the program are in the early stages of development, several have progressed from the laboratory to Australian field testing in order to provide an in-depth evaluation of their performance.

In other projects, an analysis of the sustainment challenges faced by the existing fleet is being used to focus research on priority areas.