Enhancing technological maturity in maritime supply chains

DMTC’s Sea Program, funded from within Defence’s SEA 5000 Program, is developing technologies that will elevate Australia’s industrial manufacturing and sustainment capabilities to a level consistent with global best practice.

DMTC is working with Defence, industry and research institutions to deliver breakthroughs and innovations in manufacturing, to develop and integrate new cost-effective technology and to enhance skills across supply chains.

With construction of offshore patrol vessels and the first of the Future Frigates expected to commence in 2018 and 2020 respectively, DMTC project teams are providing advanced material and manufacturing options to Defence that will contribute to meeting the operational performance, sustainment and technical integrity requirements of Australia’s current and future naval fleets.

Each of the five technology areas in focus (see sidebar) has different drivers, including cost reduction, superior performance, or early detection tools. Some technologies, like LOTE models, are in the early stage of their development, while other technologies are more advanced and ready to be transferred from laboratory into production environments.

The need for a skilled workforce in Australia is particularly critical in delivering the enhanced naval capabilities envisaged in the 2016 Defence White Paper (DWP). In this regard, DMTC’s focus on building industry capabilities is also expected to be highly relevant to the establishment of a Naval Shipbuilding College to be operational from early 2018.