Medical Countermeasures

Medical Countermeasures is an exciting program for DMTC, building on extensive research already undertaken by our government, industry and research partners.

Update – November 2017

The program aims to achieve health capability outcomes for the Australian Defence Force, but also has close ties to Australia’s preparedness strategy for countering infectious diseases and pandemics.

Supporting partners with DMTC include Queensland-based company Anteo Technologies as well as Planet Innovation, MiniFAB, Monash University and the University of Western Australia.

Translational research tools and clinical pharmacology capabilities will be developed to address the priority pathogen targets of the program. This may include utilising expertise in clinical trials across a broad range of relevant infectious diseases.

The incubator program will match best-practice industry product development and commercial expertise with relevant research agencies. It will inform national regulatory requirements for the development and manufacture of pharmaceutical, biotechnology and diagnostic products.

DMTC’s Medical Countermeasures program will position Australia to become a regional leader and centre of expertise, harnessing expertise and resources from across civil and military domains to develop an effective in-country capability in Medical Countermeasures.