High-Temperature Sub-Assemblies

Release of Request for Proposals

Through DMTC, Defence Science and Technology Group (DSTG) is seeking innovative applied research proposals supporting development of high temperature structures and sub-assemblies. The aim is to complement parallel efforts in the field, and support the development of sovereign industrial capability with specific elements and sub-assembly knowledge that will be crucial in supporting the construction of full-scale hypersonic platforms.

Proposals due 9 September 2022

Australian industry, universities, and research organisations are invited to submit research proposals.

Outcomes from this program will support strategic aims of the Australian defence and national security community with regard to sovereign hypersonic materials and manufacturing capability.

Australian industry, universities and research agencies have demonstrated an ability to design, fabricate and test individual components and materials associated with hypersonic platforms at laboratory scale (TRL 3 to 4).  The logical next phase of developing a national capability is to collaborate to conduct applied research that supports the design, fabrication and testing of critical sub-assemblies at a representative scale (TRL 5 to 6).

Collaborations supported under this RFP will contribute to the body of knowledge in assembly of high temperature structures, as well as developing critical capability associated with larger scale fabrication.  Work of this nature will also highlight capability and infrastructure gaps to be filled in across the process of building a mature end-to-end capability.


Detailed Overview of Requirements – Request for Proposals

Quad Chart for submission to DMTC by 9 September