Modelling & Simulation

This Call for Proposals is now closed.

DMTC is working with Defence to harness the capabilities and prospective partnering potential of Australian industrial and academic organisations.

Call for Proposals – May 2021, closed 14 July 2021

DMTC released this Call for Proposals titled “Anthropomorphic Phantom Ionising Radiation Modelling and Simulation”. This project would contribute to development and enhancement of Defence relevant capabilities in the chemical, biological or radiological (CBR) Modelling and Simulation domain.

Respondents to this now closed Call for Proposals should note that DMTC may seek further information, including detailed proposals to conduct funded project work in this area. Note: Having your response to this Call for Proposals reviewed by the Technical Advisory Group is NOT a guarantee that you will be granted funding.

Further information on this program of work will be progressively made available from this site.