COVID-19 Response

DMTC is harnessing expertise and deploying resources to play its role in contributing to the national response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Australia’s response is of vital importance not only for our own citizens but also in likely humanitarian aid assistance to countries in our region.

Building supply chain resilience and pursuing rapid and innovative responses to the challenge posed by the Coronavirus will assist in the short-term response as well as contributing to the longer-term economic recovery effort.

A DMTC National COVID Technology Capability Development Portal has been established to support the coordination of pandemic response capability implementation, through the collation and exchange of end user requirements with available and emerging information and technologies. A strong focus of the initial effort will be through engagement with Australian academic institutions and research and development organisations.

DMTC is now accepting proposals from researchers and the industrial sector that span a broad range of technologies and disciplines, from medical countermeasure developments to industrial innovations and manufacturing solutions. Proposals will be carefully assessed by subject matter experts for their potential to make a difference in overcoming the threats posed by this pandemic, and to contribute to post-pandemic recovery. DMTC’s role includes coordination and engagement with government agencies, taskforces and other coordination groups engaged in the national response to COVID-19.

The web portal can be accessed via this link below.

Enquiries about use of the portal should be directed to


In February DMTC responded to a request from the Department of Defence to sponsor and lead a clinical trial to determine the effectiveness of chloroquine as a pre-exposure prevention measure against COVID-19. The MCM Program Leader, Dr Felicia Pradera, rapidly coordinated a team of industrial partners together with the Australian Defence Force Malaria Institute (ADF-MIDI) to conduct the trial

Commencing in April 2020, the trial’s focus was on protecting Australian frontline healthcare professionals through the re-purposing of a known anti-malarial drug. The trial was developed for Australia but in an international context, with extensive consultation to ensure alignment with international trial activities coordinated by the likes of the World Health Organisation and the Gates Foundation.