Building on success

2016 was the year DMTC’s transition to an ongoing business was completed. The year was predominantly about closing out the establishment contract while consolidating the new contract activities.

We have seen validations of the success and value of our business model over past years and, in this context, I was particularly pleased that our collaborative efforts continued to be recognised throughout the year. Most notably, our work on trialling and applying new surface ship welding and fabrication technology was highlighted as a best practice case study in the much anticipated 2016 Defence Industry Policy Statement (DIPS), with other awards described elsewhere throughout this report.

The DIPS is a significant watermark in the development of the DMTC’s business model as it sets out a Defence policy framework that is clear in its intent to elevate the importance of industry capability development in Defence thinking. We are anticipating significant growth in both the volume and scope of our program portfolio and continue to engage with Defence to further clarify the guidance we have received.

New activities commenced to build on our traditional focus on materials and manufacturing in the air, land and maritime sectors, commenced under the new Innovation Hub contract. In addition, DMTC embarked on a number of new activities, in some cases involving new technology fields such as medical countermeasures (MCMs) and aerospace and space sensors.

The Centre continued to grow, welcoming new industry and research institutions as Supporting Participants.

I am incredibly proud of each and every member of the DMTC team, for the way they go about their business as much as for the successes we have achieved.

Mark Hodge, DMTC CEO

Other Publications

In addition to our Annual Report, DMTC releases factsheets and other publications to keep our partners and community informed about our activities.