New Armour Materials text released

DMTC is proud of its association with a newly published book, edited by DMTC researcher Dr Ian Crouch.

The Science of Armour Materials comprehensively covers a range of armour materials from steels and light alloys, through glasses and ceramics, to fibres, textiles, and protective apparel. The book also discusses aspects of analytical and numerical modelling, as well as laboratory-based, high-strain rate testing and ballistic testing methodologies.

Each chapter is written from an international perspective, including reviews of the current global literature, and incorporates case studies that focus on real-life applications, research outcomes, and lessons learned.

The book is published by Woodhead Publishing and is expected to be a valuable resource for under- and post-graduate students, post-doctorates, research scientists, defence engineers, R&D managers and senior defence personnel alike.

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2016 Student Conference

Held on 9 November in Melbourne, DMTC’s annual Student Conference was conducted in collaboration with the Research Training Centre for Naval Design and Manufacturing (RTCNDM) and the Defence Science Institute (DSI).

A total of 19 students provided 300 word abstracts of their research work and a 15 minute presentation.

Students represented a wide range of universities including Swinburne University, RMIT, University of Queensland, University of Wollongong, Flinders University, University of Tasmania (Australian Maritime College), Monash University and the University of Melbourne.

The audience consisted of 40 people from across DMTC’s research, industry and defence community. Topics ranged from materials and manufacturing, motion planning and mapping – robotics, shock and CFD modelling, sustainment and through-life assessment models to simultaneous localisation and mapping (SLAM) algorithms.

The conference proved to be a great opportunity for students who had attended workshops on clear science writing and dynamic presentation skills to put their new skills to practice.  Just as importantly, the conference and conference dinner gave students the opportunity to network with each other and with their academic supervisors. An encouraging outcome was the number of students already discussing the links between their individual research topics and future potential collaboration opportunities.

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Award-winning research

DST Group scientist Dr Long Nguyen received the Young Innovator prize at the 2016 Land Forces Conference in Adelaide. Supported through the DMTC scholarship program, Dr Nguyen’s doctorate research focused on modelling and predictive analysis of ballistic protection offered by new composites used in helmets and vests.

The application of Dr Nguyen’s research to Army land vehicles may provide protection against high lethality blast and ballistic threats encountered in theatre while maintaining reasonable vehicle weight.

DMTC postgraduate scholarships are awarded to those candidates whose research areas align with future defence capability requirements and the corresponding opportunities within defence industry. Sponsored postgraduates are supported through scholarships and professional development courses. In 2016 there were 16 active postgraduates involved in DMTC’s Education Program, with a further five conferred their PhD.

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